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Gallagher Access Control

Gallagher Command Centre software is exceptionally sophisticated and powerful in its ability to add value to an organisation beyond security. Software functionality extends well beyond typical security requirements. Gallagher security systems are scalable and configurable for any scenario – from simple and discrete to comprehensive and enterprise wide. Gallagher’s offering includes standalone non-lethal perimeter electric fencing, no-feel sensor technologies, through to centrally configured and controlled access, intruder alarms, perimeter security and compliance management. Gallagher integrates with most of the worlds leading security systems including Avigilon, SALTO, Honeywell and many more. Gallagher’s business-connected security integration platform automatically executes business policy by enforcing compliance with regulation; it resides on an organisation’s IT network and stores information about cardholders, the site and system activity and delivers security from the perimeter to the hub.

Access Control

Gallagher caters for all levels of security from fully monitored access control for a critical infrastructure site to cost-effective wireless and data on card options for securing dormitories and lockers.

The Gallagher security platform monitors and controls authorised personnel and visitors on site via electronic card readers, RFIDs, fingerprint readers and keypads. The system provides automatic access control across single site facilities and multiple global sites.

With full control over where and when your staff, visitors and vehicles can move around at all times, the Gallagher system delivers beyond traditional access control and also automates compliance with operational and regulatory policy.

Access can be based on individual’s competencies such as safety induction and training, security clearances and regulatory compliance. Validity periods and competency expiry can be factored into the access decision.

The benefits of competency-based access management are

• Automatic enforcement of business OH&S rules and policies

• Reduction in production stoppages due to non-compliant staff being in the wrong areas

• Tangible evidence of ‘duty of care’ to staff and customers

• Automatic compliance with government regulations

Controller based decisions are delivered via screen feedback on the door reader or display monitor and are based on an individual’s competency. Once configured, all of this is achieved independent of Server and IT Network connectivity.

Alarms Management

Gallagher’s security platform features fully integrated intruder alarm management with the ability to channel all alarms from integrated systems through the Command Centre for appropriate action.

The system will immediately inform you if there’s an intruder on the premises and contact your security staff or monitoring centre to re-secure the site.

Other incidents can also be detected by the system and treated as an alarm – for example, when the temperature reaches a certain level in a particular area. Contact your Channel Partner about other events.