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     "Take CCTV to a different level with HD CCTV cameras"
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'Supplying and installing high definition, networked IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV systems, Contact Security specialises in the integration of visual coverage into comprehensive security packages that can include additional functions.'
CCTV Oxford
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Number plate recognition is becoming increasingly more accessible because of the improving quality of cameras and since the introduction of IP Megapixel cameras. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and Infrared illumination to recognise and analyse vehicle number plates, ANPR cameras can also be set up to interact with vehicle management solutions such as gates, road blocks and barriers for complete security and traffic flow management.
CCTV Cameras Oxford
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Our High Definition (HD) CCTV systems are available in HD IP CCTV, HD-TVI or HD-CVI and offer 4-5 x better resolution than 1080P HD. With kits available with a range of cameras, Contact Security are able to deliver 'off the shelf' solutions as well as bespoke HD CCTV systems for complete flexibility and the highest quality footage available.
CCTV Cameras Oxford
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By upgrading your CCTV system you'll be future proofing your security solutions to keep up with the ever changing requirements your home or business faces. There are endless reasons to upgrade to a more sophisticated CCTV system- get in touch and speak to one of our CCTV experts to find out more about the benefits, we'll be happy to help.
CCTV Installers Oxford
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Effective and regular maintenance of a CCTV surveillance system is essential to ensure that the system remains reliable at all times. Regular maintenance and effective failure reporting enables potential problems to be identified at an early stage so appropriate action can be taken to ensure your CCTV system remains in full working order.
CCTV Oxford
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Using the latest video surveillance technology our CCTV systems help deter people targeting your home or business. With the possibility of our CCTV security products being tailored specifically to your individual requirements, our fantastic range of CCTV cameras offer crystal clear images, around the day for complete peace of mind.
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Due to technological advantages, many people are moving away from analogue cameras to IP video surveillance systems. From high image resolution to increased scalability, IP CCTV systems boast a wealth of benefits and are straightforward to install, despite what many people might think.

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Keep an eye on your home and loved ones with effective home CCTV systems from Contact Security. Acting as a fantastic visual deterrent to potential thieves, CCTV systems for the home sends a clear message to intruders that they'll be caught on camera which means they will be far less likely to attempt a break in at your home address.
CCTV Installers Oxford
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CCTV analytics is the process of analysing CCTV feeds and extracting further data and biometrics from the image with the aid of specialist computer software. Click HERE to see how it can benefit your business.
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'Our CCTV installation & maintenance team utilise the latest technology.'
CCTV Oxford

'Clearer monitoring and sharper images with HD CCTV Systems'
CCTV Installer Oxford

'With over 36 years' experience in the industry you can rest assured you'll receive a quality service.'
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Technological advances mean that CCTV has more uses, and is appropriate for more sites, than ever before. As CCTV coverage becomes the standard across Oxford and the UK, and as system components get less intrusive, Contact Fire and Security have embraced CCTV systems on the market and have become one of the most forward thinking and innovative leaders in terms of CCTV installation across Oxford.
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